March Towards the German Embassy

Σάββατο, 23 Μαΐου, 2015

March Towards the German Embassy


We will not become German imperialism’s colony, nor any other’s

German and European workers, facing capitalism’s attack, we need your solidarity


In the last few months, the – no matter what kind – negotiations concerning the administration of public debt between the Greek government and the European institutions, that are being directed by German imperialism, have become the focal point of public deliberation. Besides the spectacle, the official statements and the alarmist predictions of any kind, even besides the matter of public debt itself, there lies the crux of the matter: at this present moment the life and future of each and every worker in Greece, as well as in Europe, is at stake.


The European Union was created from the start as an imperialistic center, onto which a multitude of dependent capitalistic states have leashed themselves. Since its creation the European Union constitutes an interstate mechanism that is being used by the prevailing “steersman” at each given time – currently German capitalism and its lackeys – in order to promote his interests against the exploited of the whole of Europe. The foundation upon which the EU has been created, as well as its never changing capitalistic, exploitative orientation and policy prove that the only goal the EU can work towards is the fortification of the business magnates’ interests, dispelling any illusion of a negotiation on a social basis.


German imperialism’s current two-fold strategy consists of the financial and political control of the member states through the control of their debt; in addition, it is ensured by means of the financial system that bank profits from lending to member states remain private, whereas losses are being shifted to the public sector, through the conversion of private sector debt to public sector debt and the recapitalization of banks. The obvious aim and result of this policy is to keep sucking dry the exploited peoples of Europe ad infinitum, with the European South currently facing the spearhead of this attack.


The introduction of the Euro as well as the financial regulations that have to be maintained by the members of the Eurozone, the composition of their production base and their financial interrelations have been subjugated to the interests of German capitalism for the absorption of its goods and the use of its accumulated funds through lending, especially towards the member states of the South. The Greek bourgeoisie, during their accession to the European Economic Community as well as their accession to the Eurozone, even nowadays concerning the matter of the administration of public debt and the introduction of capitalistic reforms through the memorandums has made a choice on the strategic level; to be attached to the European monopolies and to serve their needs first and foremost, while fulfilling their own interests at the same time.


It is high time for the Greek and, broadly, the European peoples to jump to the forefront and fight with the imperialistic centers (and, mainly, their core) and their local collaborators for their own interests and survival.


In this struggle we call upon all the people of Europe to ally with us, to put up their own fights against exploitation and subjugation. In resisting an attack directed against all of us, the only possibility for victory lies in the common struggle of the workers in each and every country of the European Union.


The conflict, despite the content of misleading propaganda, is not between Greece and Germany, between Greeks and Germans; the peoples of Europe, Greeks, Spaniards, Italians, Germans, French and other workers have no conflicting interests. On the contrary, we have a common enemy, the imperialistic policy of German capitalism and its international and local allies. German capitalism is especially exploiting the peoples of the European South, exterminating them – hand in hand, of course, with the local bourgeoisie – in order to save its own banks and let the accumulation of financial capital continue. The austerity policy and the administration of public debt, as implemented these last years, are favouring German capitalism and the struggle against them is in the interest of the workers of European Union.


Greek capitalism and the bourgeoisie of every country do not have a common interest with the workers. They have chosen to ally themselves with the European monopolies in order to promote their own interests through exploitation and profit. The Greek bourgeoisie is misleading the workers and the popular masses. They are misleading us because at the same time that their propaganda instruments (the mass media and bourgeois parties) speak of “patriotic duty” and of ”Greeks united in the midst of crisis”, they are drowning the country’s economy by transferring abroad more than 25 billion euros within a month, something that has been done more than once in the past. Greek shipowners have not lost a single euro to taxation during the crisis years, on the contrary, they have grown richer. When the bourgeoisie speaks of ”the duty to the homeland”, they mean the violent impoverishment of small and medium-sized enterprises, farmers and mainly, the working class. They are not willing to share a part of their profits that they have accumulated in the past and that a part of them continues to accumulate. Their interests equalwith our impoverishment.


We, who live in a state of unemployment or precarious work, with reduced wages or pensions, with an uncertain future and mutilated rights, are not going to remain passive to the plundering of our lives and the vultures of national and international exploitation, we wait for no one to fight for us.


We who cannot endure the loss of anything else, take to the streets to win everything.


Demonstration on Saturday 23/5 – 12:00 Omonia Square

March towards the German Embassy


Anarchist Group ΡΟΥΒΙΚΩΝΑΣ (Rouvikonas)

ΚΟΚΚΙΝΗ ΓΡΑΜΜΗ (Kokini Grami) – group for the worker’s counteroffensive

Antifascist front of Kalithea-Moschato

ΑΣΥΝΦ – Anarchist Collective of Nea Filadelfia

Communist Group ΛΑΙΚΗ ΑΝΤΕΠΙΘΕΣΗ (Laiki Antepithesi)

Anarchist Collective ΘΡΥΑΛΛΙΔΑ (Thriallida)

Occupied Social Center K* Vox


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